I was born and raised in the Pittsburg, PA area. I attended college at California University of Pennsylvania. I did my Doctoral studies at Parker University in Dallas, TX. I graduated in 1998 with a BA in Human Anatomy and a DR of Chiropractic. My beautiful wife, Tammy, is a 4th grade teacher in Sheridan. I have four wonderful girls. My oldest daughter, Lexie, is a cosmetologist in Butte. Madi is a history major at the University of Montana Western. Hallie will follow in Madi’s footsteps and start at Western in the fall. Brianna will be attending Montana tech in the fall. The Dillon Back and Neck Clinic opened on Jan 20, 1999. The communities in southwestern Montana have been very good to my family and myself over the last 20 years.

In addition to providing chiropractic care, I also do nutritional therapy with the help of Standard Process. I have in-house x-ray and I do spinal rehab in-house. Over the last 20 years, I have seen firsthand how cancer affects patients and their families. I do see the need for early detection; however, I also feel we should be cautious about over exposure. That is why I feel thermography is the best choice for breast health. Thermography may detect cancers up to 8 years prior to x-ray mammography and there is zero x-ray exposure with infrared imaging.

I would like to express my deepest thanks to the Dillon community and the surrounding communities of southwestern Montana for the years of support. I look forward to our continued service for the years to come.

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